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Spring Conference in Edinburgh

The atmosphere was electric in Edinburgh’s Conference Centre at the weekend. I could not only feel the energy and commitment all around me – I could sense a new excitement, a new drive towards stronger, more compassionate, better government for Scotland. In other words, an independent Scotland with full powers to govern.

“We gather in Edinburgh, in our beautiful capital city,” said First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. “Soon to be, we hope – and how good does this sound – the capital city of an independent Scotland.”

Her speech was inspirational and the response of the crowd in the auditorium was filled with enthusiasm – pretty loud enthusiasm too! – proof, if proof was needed, of the scale and size of the voice of independence for our land.

“Scotland’s enlightenment legacy is not just about our history. The search for knowledge, invention and innovation is the foundation on which we will build our future too.Few countries are better placed than Scotland to help lead the world into a new age.”

In the climate of Brexititis – a new virus that attacks democracy by infecting people so that they live in a malicious fantasy world riddled with delusions of imperial grandeur where Britannia rules the waves and India is exploited and ravaged – Scotland’s very evident desire to remain in Europe continues to be ignored by Westminster’s collapsing Cabinet.  

A new Survation poll commissioned by the arch-unionist campaign group, Scotland in Union, show that the Tories have fallen behind the Labour party on Westminster voting intentions.

Westminster voting intentions delivered 41% SNP, Labour on 24% and the Tories third on 22%.

The Scottish Government has used its devolved powers for the good of everyone. A new social security system that, within the last year, has brought nearly £200m to carers and families.

In a spectacular boomerang attack, the poll also shows a 63% majority in favour of Scotland having a referendum on independence.

Those who voted to remain in the UK in 2014 on the grounds that this would ensure Scotland would stay in the EU have had an unexpected kick in the teeth. Had Scotland voted for independence then, we probably wouldn’t be living with Brexititis now.

But, as we continue to try and stop Brexit, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP points out: “With the Westminster parties making a mess of Brexit, the European elections are Scotland’s chance to shine.
“Scotland is being dragged out of the European Union against our will. All our efforts to be heard on Brexit have been met with a brick wall.
“The people of Scotland have been ignored, the Scottish Parliament has been ignored. And, when the Scottish Government offered compromise, it was ignored too.
“Enough is enough.”

I couldn’t agree more. Now let’s move forward.