Last week, Christina McKelvie MSP, the SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, received notice that on the 13th of July, the Post Office on King Street in Stonehouse, will temporarily close due to the resignation of the Postmaster.

Ms McKelvie MSP has written to the Post Office to offer any assistance that would ensure this disruption is limited, and to seek reassurances on the options that must be swiftly considered and acted upon for the benefit of her constituents in Stonehouse.

Commenting, Christina said:

“Stonehouse is a small town which has experienced population expansion over the last 15 years.

“It is vital that local resources, such as the Post Office, are retained so that local residents have the straightforward access to the vital services that they both need and deserve.

“I have sought reassurances that this disruption will be short lived, have sought clarity on the options that are being looked at to reinstate this vital service, and on the timeline that the Post Office is working to to reinstate this service.

“When I have updates on these reassurances, I will provide them to my constituents.

“In the meantime, constituents will still have access to the resources available at the Post Office on King Street until the 13th of July. Following this, during the temporary closure of this Post Office, locals in Stonehouse can find alternative Post Office branches through the Post Office Branch Finder online, or you can get in touch with my office for further advice and assistance.”