Christina McKelvie MSP, the SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, visited Hamilton-based technology firm Probe Test Solutions Ltd (PTSL).

PTSL, ran by CEO Jordan Mackellar and COO David Law, is a world-leader in delivering advanced ATE test hardware solutions to customers globally. And, their Board consists of global industry leaders, such as their Chairman Dr Jalal Bagherli, and Scottish business leader Jacky McNulty.

PTSL are currently located in Hillhouse Industrial Estate, where they have offices and a factory workshop that they use to deliver their global services.

Recently, PTSL have acquired a Texas-based tech firm called ThinkMEMS as they continue to rapidly expand. PTSL has a clear ethos, which was described to Christina as growing and securing long-term prosperity in Scotland, placing clear emphasis on keeping as many high-paying jobs in the locality.

PTSL have also received $30 million of private equity investment which will help them expand.

Ms McKelvie MSP, who has enjoyed a long-standing, productive relationship with the company, visited them on Monday 20th January to discuss their plans for growth in the constituency, whilst offering her support in any which way she can.

Commenting on the visit, Christina said:

“I always love meeting Jordan and his team at PTSL. They are a prime example of how forward-thinking, inclusive businesses should – and can – operate. Their success is, no doubt, down to their intellect, their entrepreneurship, and they are so clearly fuelled by their cultural ethos.

“PTSL is unashamedly influenced by Scotland. You can see that through their desire to link up with educational partners to create streamlined, long-term employment opportunities for young people in the locality.

“Plus, their dedication to working with local charities and supporting them financially and through their time makes a real difference to our communities. I was pleased to act as a bridge between PTSL and some other local charities that they will hopefully begin working with too.

“I look forward to supporting them going forward as they continue to grow and expand.”