SNP MSP Christina McKelvie has called on the Conservative UK Government to scrap proposed rises to the pension age which would force people in Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse to work until 68 before receiving their state pension. 

Citing new figures from the House of Commons Library, Christina McKelvie MSP said up to 2.9 million people in Scotland could be affected by the UK Government’s proposals to hike the UK’s state pension age from 66 to 67 in 2028 and 68 by 2044. 

Ms McKelvie said Conservative plans to force people to work longer, especially while pensioners in Scotland have been routinely short-changed by the UK government, would be a “further betrayal” of older people in her constituency.  

Commenting, Christina McKelvie MSP said: 

 “The Conservative UK Government should completely scrap their plans to increase the pension age, a move that could force 2.9 million people in Scotland to work even longer before getting to enjoy their retirement. 

“Failure to do so would be a further betrayal of older people in Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse who, thanks to the UK Government, already receive one of the lowest pensions in North-west Europe, have had their free TV licences revoked and are seeing unsustainable rises to their cost of living. 

 “The Conservatives made pensions a cornerstone of their 2014 referendum campaign, but have since been terrible for pensioners in Scotland, having done absolutely nothing to empower older people to enjoy their retirement and later life.  

“If the UK Government presses ahead with these changes it will serve as further proof that only with the full powers of independence can we deliver proper pensions at a decent age as we set out to build a country and economy that works for everyone.”