The Labour minority that governs South Lanarkshire Council – propped up by Torys and Liberal Democrats – have more than doubled youth sports club fees.

This is in the wake of a cost of living crisis which could see children priced out of youth sports clubs right across South Lanarkshire.

Christina McKelvie MSP, the MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, has commented:

“This is not at all surprising. The Lab-Lib-Tory coalition, so far, has been just so devastatingly poor.

“Whilst they may sight financial pressures for this decision, that does not account for the sheer lack of competence that this council has so far shown. Why haven’t they accounted for this in their budget? It baffles me that they would seek to raise the prices of youth sports clubs, which only has negative consequences.

“This Labour minority council is doing nothing other than pricing children out of sporting activities across South Lanarkshire. This is a demonstrably cruel decision. It is not fair that children miss out on the mental, physical and social benefits of youth sports clubs simply because this council operates with incompetency at its core.

“The only saving grace that I can take is that the SNP councillors will work as hard as ever to mitigate the disastrous consequences of this decision.”