Bernie Sanders, American politician and presidential candidate, stated on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday show that Scotland should be allowed to ‘go their own way’.

Sanders said: “My initial thought, not being an expert, they want to go their own way, they should be allowed to.”

Many public figures, such as actors Brian Cox and Alan Cumming, have shown their support for Scotland’s right to choose its future. Bernie Sanders is yet another internationally renowned name to support Scottish democracy.

Sanders also commented on the National Health Service, noting the importance of protecting the NHS, when he said:

“Do not look at the American model. Please do not. Build on what you have, improve what you have. Healthcare is a human right, that’s what it is. And that was established here in 1948. That was an extraordinary achievement and I understand your system has problems.”

Commenting on this, Christina McKelvie, the MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, said:

“I very much welcome, like others, Bernie’s comments on Scotland having the right to choose its own future, and on protecting our beloved NHS.

“The choice should be up to those in Scotland, not a UK government.

“There have been many people to come out and support Scotland having the choice to choose its own future, and Bernie Sanders is now another. As well as having Scottish Independence we must look after our NHS and look after those who look after us.”