A Tory MSP has (finally) admitted there are no benefits to Brexit when pressed by audience members of the BBC panel show Debate Night.

Roz McCall was asked by an audience member to outline what she thought the benefits of Brexit were and on being further pushed by host Stephen Jardine she said she had ‘difficulty’ finding them.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse Christina McKelvie said:

“Brexit was never going to benefit Scotland or my constituents here in Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse. It has been a disaster for my constituency and for my nation.

“I agree with Roz McColl that there are no benefits to Brexit. In my constituency, there are so many jobs and not enough people to fill these positions. This has an unbelievable impact on the deliverance of vital services, especially in areas such as social care, a service which is fundamentally vital to my constituents, and can play a large part in easing the burden on the NHS.

“So, you can also trust that I was baffled by the brexiteer Prime Minister’s comments this week in which he hailed access to the single market as an incredibly exciting opportunity which will attract large swathes of investment. Scotland voted to remain in this ‘exciting’ trading bloc, we didn’t vote to leave it. We wanted to continue to be a recipient of the multitude of benefits associated with the European Union. And, I can say with my hand firmly pressed against my heart, fewer of my constituents would be experiencing financial hardship and emotional and physical stress if we had not lost our membership of the European Union against our will. As I have said, as one example, social care would be much improved in my constituency if the Tory and Labour party weren’t so fervent in their desire to make the UK a difficult place to live and work if you’re not British.

“Until we gain our independence, re-join the EU, the single market, the customs union and enjoy the benefits of free movement, I will not rest. As a global country, this is what we deserve and what we must achieve.”