Christina McKelvie MSP and Angela Crawley MP together gave a warm welcome to the launch of a new Post Natal Depression Support Group in Hamilton.

The group, founded by Sally Tyrrell [pictured with Christina and Angela], seeks to provide peer-to-peer support for women who have endured the emotional and physical destructiveness of PND.

“Angela and I were both shocked and sympathetic when we heard Sally’s personal story. Though PND is often quickly diagnosed, ways to find meaningful support can be almost impossible to track down as Sally quickly discovered.

“By sharing what you’re going through with other people in the same place, you can start to rebuild your confidence and emotional security again. That’s something no prescription can do on its own,” added Christina.

The Group will meet each Monday from 12pm until 1.30pm at the Settlers Café, 40 Castle Street, Hamilton and each Thursday from 9.30am until 11.00am at Jollytots and Cookies Café, 71 Old Mill Road, Uddingston. On Facebook at: