Christina McKelvie MSP and Màiri McAllan MSP have welcomed the published Report of the independent review of the role of incineration in the waste hierarchy which includes recommendations to ensure no further planning applications for incineration infrastructure should be granted unless offsetting incineration closures or in remote or rural areas which require a small amount of additional capacity.

Christina McKelvie MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse joined with Màiri McAllan MSP for Clydesdale last year to call for a review into the role of incinerators and to push for a moratorium on incineration. 

The review also includes recommendations that would improve the quality of waste management data, provide a declining cap on incineration need which declines over time and create a separate reporting mechanism for greenhouse gas emissions from incineration.

The Scottish Government has confirmed it will keep in place the requirement for local authorities to notify Scottish ministers if they receive a planning application for an incineration facility. 

The campaign for a review began following a large local campaign led by the Dovesdale Action Group which worked alongside local elected members to ensure that the local communities position on the proposed development was crystal clear. The campaign included the support of Sir David Attenborough and eventually led to the withdrawal of the proposals for an incineration facility in Stonehouse.

Welcoming the news Christina McKelvie MSP said: 

“I am absolutely over the moon with the recommendations from Dr Colin Church’s review into the role of incineration in Scotland. It is particularly heartening to see the recommendation to put a halt to new incinerators that are not replacing other facilities or required in remote or rural areas.

“In Scotland we have world leading emissions targets which we should rightly be proud of. These recommendations help move us towards achieving those targets and improving the wider environment across our country. It is vital we continue to move towards a Scotland that does our bit to limit global emissions, especially moving forward from the commitments made at COP26 hosted in Glasgow.

“I look forward to reading the Scottish Government’s response to Dr Church’s recommendations in due course.”


Màiri McAllan MSP said:

“The recommendations published today by Dr Colin Church’s review are incredibly positive, and mark a significant milestone for campaigners locally and nationally who have worked so hard to reach this point – particularly the efforts led by Dovesdale Action Group.

“Having called for this review into incineration alongside my colleague Christina McKelvie MSP last year, we are delighted by the outcome of this and we look forward to the Scottish Government’s response in due course. 

“There is huge opportunity as we move to Net Zero, to place the focus on a just transition which will lead us into green jobs, meet our emissions targets, and build a circular economy. 

“A halt on new incinerators will help concentrate our efforts on reducing, recycling and re-using our resources.”