This year, more mental health and wellbeing services will be provided within GP practices and community settings, backed by significant investment from the Scottish Government of upto £40 million a year. 

Patients who need mental health support will find a range of professionals available through their doctor’s surgery, rather than having to rely solely on their GP or a referral elsewhere with the new system.

Funding of £1.5 million has already been made available from the Mental Health Recovery and Renewal Fund. This will increase annually to support implementation of the new Mental Health and Wellbeing Primary Care Services, reaching an expected £40 million per year by 2024-25. This could amount to more than £100 million by the end of this Parliament, substantially increasing the mental health workforce and transforming how support is delivered.

Christina McKelvie, SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse said:

"During the pandemic, mental ill health was a major health challenge in Scotland as well as across the world. This is why mental health has remained a priority throughout our response to COVID-19.

"Around 1 in three of all GP consultations now has a mental health component. But the range and complexity of issues requires a more varied and comprehensive response.

"This new funding will deliver the Scottish Governments commitment of providing 1,000 additional dedicated mental health staff by 2026, supporting communities to improve their mental health.

"Mental health will continue to be a priority of the Scottish Government and I hope to see this funding being used in Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, as well as the rest of Scotland.”