Christina McKelvie SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse has welcomed £4bn of investment in Scotland’s social security system announced in the Scottish budget to support families across South Lanarkshire.

The 2022/23 budget includes £197m for the Scottish Child Payment – which is set to be doubled to £20 per child per week at the start of April next year.

Children across Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse will also be supported to have the best start in life with £17.8m into the Best Start Grant and £13.1m investment in Best Start Foods.

Those with a disability will be supported by billions of pounds of investment through support like the by £1.9bn of investment into the new Adult Disability Payment and £444m in the Disability Living Allowance.

With carers benefiting from £314m of investment in the Carers Allowance, plus the £41.8m investment in the Carer’s Allowance Supplement.

Commenting, Christina said:

“The SNP Scottish Government continues to build a social security system built on fairness, dignity and respect.

“Nothing demonstrates that more than the commitment Nicola Sturgeon made earlier this year to double the Scottish Child Payment at the start of April, earlier than planned. This will benefit families across South Lanarkshire and Scotland.

“Along with the Scottish Child Payment, the SNP Scottish Government continues to ensure that children in Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse have the best start in life with payments like Best Start Foods and the Best Start Grant.

“Compare and contrast this with the callous decision by the UK Tory government to cut Universal Credit by £20-a-week at time when families needed it most – the tale of two governments facing the people of Scotland could not be more stark.

“That is why we cannot trust the Tories to protect the future of families here in the constituency and across Scotland. Which is why we must be able to choose a better path that would allow Scotland to have full powers over social security to build a fairer, independent country.”