The Tory government's power grab Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) has come under further criticism today, after the Institute for Government (IfG) warned that the Tory government's plans risk further damaging the union.

In its new report, the IfG called on the UK government to take an approach that "respects the devolution settlements and takes into account the devolved governments’ existing role in administering structural funds."

It warned that "Failure to do so risks further damaging trust between the UK and devolved governments, and it could "undermine" the union.

The SNP highlighted how Tory Westminster control of Scotland’s money before devolution led to cuts and not extra cash, and how they have already slashed spending in England for local councils.

Christina McKelvie, MSP for Hamilton, larkhall and Stonehouse:

"The UK government's handling of the SPF continues to be a threat to devolution, as this new IfG report highlights.

"As part of the EU, Scotland received funding and we were in a position to allocate it towards the key priorities of Scotland’s elected Government and our communities. That approach has been discarded by Westminster - with funding left to the whims of Boris Johnson's Tory Government, a Government we in Scotland did not vote for.

"The bottom line is that funding decisions under this replacement scheme for Scotland must be decided by the democratically-elected government of Scotland. It's clear beyond any doubt however that the only way to properly protect our interests and our Parliament is to become an independent country.

“Decisions about our future should be made by those who live and work here in Scotland.”