The SNP have today unveiled their manifesto which included a commitment to review incineration in Scotland. The manifesto says the party “must concentrate our efforts on reducing, recycling and reusing resourses” as part of building Scotland’s circular economy and achieving the Scottish Government’s world leading climate targets. 

Local SNP candidates Christina McKelvie, standing for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, and Mairi McAllan, standing for Clydesdale, have welcomed the inclusion of a review on incineration in the party manifesto. Both candidates have called for consideration of a moratorium on the building of new incinerators in Scotland.

This comes following the announcement of a moratorium on incinerator facilities with a capacity of more than 10MW in Wales. Welsh Ministers have refused to grant applications for proposals under 10MW capacity unless “applicants can show there is a need for such facilities in the regions in which they are planned.”

The news will be seen as a major victory against Viridor’s plans for a new incinerator on Overwood Farm near Stonehouse which has prompted a strong reaction from local activists who opposed a previous incineration plan nearby. Both SNP candidates have themselves come out strongly against the Overwood planning application.

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Commenting, Christina said:

“The SNP has an enviable record on tackling the climate emergency that threatens our entire species. Since 1990 we have managed to halve our emissions here in Scotland. In terms of emissions reduction across Europe, Scotland is second only to Sweden. Our emission reduction targets are world-leading.

“There is a real potential however that additional incinerators, like the one proposed for Overwood Farm, may put this progress at risk. We need to make sure our zero waste, climate change, emissions and planning policy all come together to take Scotland forward. That’s why I am delighted to see a commitment to review our national policy on incineration in the SNP Manifesto.

“I am strongly against the proposed incinerator in Overwood – an incinerator the local community have made clear they neither want nor need.

“To ensure Scotland’s environment is protected for future generations make it Both Votes SNP on May 6th.”