Christina McKelvie MSP has urged constituents across Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse to take part in an online survey to review the first phase of the Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 which will help to inform transport investment in Scotland for the next 20 years. Christina has welcomed the inclusion of an extension to the Larkhall rail line to Lesmahagow via Stonehouse in the first phase of this review.

Christina met with Transport Scotland alongside local community activist John Young on 24th March to welcome the inclusion of a rail extension in Stonehouse in the options list and to put forward the benefits that a line would bring to Stonehouse and the wider South Lanarkshire area.

Christina said: 

“I was delighted to see plans to extend the Larkhall rail line to Stonehouse being put on the table as part of the Strategic Transport Projects Review 2. An extension which includes Stonehouse will be of huge benefit to local residents and also help to achieve our climate targets by giving those along the rail line a cleaner way to travel.

“Transport Scotland are keen to get feedback on the first part of their process and I would urge local residents who are positive about the potential of linking Stonehouse into our rail network to make sure their voices are heard as part of this feedback.

“This route would have an incredibly positive affect on economic regeneration along the line by increasing accessibility and affordability of travel.

“Alongside this an extension would open the door to an increase in post COVID tourism by increasing access to many relatively hidden sites of Scottish history and beauty between Larkhall and Lesmahagow.

”This is just the beginning of the process and I will work tirelessly with Transport Scotland, South Lanarkshire Council and community activists like John to ensure that this extension remains top of the agenda.”

John Young said:

"I think communities across the valley from Lesmahagow to Blackwood and Stonehouse will welcome this positive development in seeking to extend our rail links between communities. New rail links will bring opportunities for the local economy, better rural transport links and encouraging greater use of rail as an alternative to the climate impact of cars on our roads. As communities we should recognise the work done so far and work together to ensure this becomes a reality in the coming years ahead.”

The documents published as part of the SPRT2 can be found here:

The feedback form which has a deadline of 31st March can be found here: