The vaccine rollout in Scotland is now starting to reach those in priority group 6 which includes unpaid carers aged 16-64. This includes those who are eligible for carer's allowance, those who are sole or primary carer of an elderly or disabled person who is at increased risk of COVID-19 mortality and therefore clinically vulnerable. In Scotland this also includes carers whom people rely on for day-to-day in-person support and access to the COVID-19 vaccination is not limited to only one carer in a caring relationship.
From 8am on Monday, 15 March, a dedicated website found at, will allow those not yet contacted, to register as an unpaid carer for the COVID-19 vaccination. The aim of this service is to enable as many eligible carers to receive their COVID-19 vaccination as possible.
You are eligible for vaccination at this stage and should register if all of the following statements apply to you:
o You are 16 to 64 years old;
o You provide face-to-face care and support to one or more family members, friends or neighbours;
o The care you provide is not part of a contract or voluntary work;
o If caring for someone under 18, they are affected by a disability, physical or mental ill-health or other care-related issue; and
o You have not already received your first COVID-19 vaccination or vaccination appointment letter.
If you're an unpaid carer who fits in to the above criteria & haven't been invited to receive a vaccine you can book an appointment from 15th March at or if you cannot book an appointment online by calling the COVID helpline on 0800 308 013.
If you are not eligible at this time, you will be invited for your vaccination later on in the programme. Please wait to be contacted by NHS Scotland.
If you have already received your vaccination or a letter of appointment, there is no further action to take, and no need to register.
For more information on the COVID-19 vaccination programme, visit
Commenting Christina said:
"I am delighted to see the vaccination programme continue expand. The light at the tunnel is becoming brighter everyday thanks to the progress being made due to sacrifices being made by everyone across our country.
"Unpaid carers provide absolutley vital support to those they care for and this contribution is greatly valued by myself and NHS Scotland.
"I would strongly urge any unpaid carers to take full advantage of this vaccination offer and get their own appointment booked in as soon as possible."