At least 450 carers in Scotland stand to lose over £3,000 per year as a result of harsh Tory welfare cuts.

In a response to a Written Question from SNP MSP Christina McKelvie, Minister for Housing and Welfare Margaret Burgess said that the transition from disability living allowance to Personal Independence Payments will see hundreds lose out. The Minister went on to say that the Department for Work and Pensions has so far failed to give the Scottish Government a “clear position as to the real impact on carers in Scotland”.
Earlier this month, Christina McKelvie and SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson Dr Eilidh Whiteford called on the UK Government to come clean on the impact of welfare cuts to carers.

Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:
“This Parliamentary Answer which finds 450 carers stand to lose £3,000 per year as a result of unfair Tory welfare reforms is deeply worrying – and the fact that the Department for Work and Pensions has failed to provide the Scottish Government with a clear position is of further concern.

“Carers play such a vital role in looking after loved ones – and we owe them a massive debt of gratitude. The UK Government must come clean on the number of carers in Scotland that will lose out as a result of the roll out of Personal Independence Payments.

“Scotland’s carers can’t afford Tory cuts to their support – we need full powers over social security in Scotland to allow us to protect, support and empower people who need help, rather than pushing them into poverty with punitive cuts and sanctions as the Tories are continuing to do."