I have now had an initial meeting with the Managing Director and Commercial Director of First Bus today regarding the plans to remove the X1/X1A service.
I explained to them the real damage this change would do to the people of Hamilton and the surrounding area who use the service to get in to Glasgow for work and study. Alongside this I highlighted my concerns about High Earnock losing out from the proposed replacement service, which would see many vulnerable locals having to walk much further to get the bus.
First have recognised they need to improve how they consult with local elected members and authorities, though they maintain that the route as it stands is currently extremely unprofitable outwith peak times.
Following on from this I have been in touch with SPT to arrange a meeting to discuss how this decision was reached and what can be done to reverse it from their end. I will also be continuing my conversations with South Lanarkshire Council.
A petition has been started by local Rebecca Creechan to show the public support for keeping the X1 service. You can show your support by signing and sharing the petition here: bit.ly/savex1