New Report ramps up warnings of hit to jobs and livelihoods

SNP MP Peter Grant has said that the next Prime Minister cannot turn a blind eye to the mounting evidence of the threat of a no deal Brexit, following further warnings in a new report that such an outcome would harm people’s livelihoods and cost jobs.

In a report titled “The consequences of ‘No Deal’ for UK business” published today, the House of Commons Select Committee on Brexit stated that crashing out of the EU without a deal would lead to “severe disruption of the economy, pose a fundamental risk to the competitiveness of key sectors of the UK economy, and put many jobs and livelihoods at risk.”

The SNP has consistently warned that Scotland's key businesses and sectors - including agriculture, food and drink, and research - would all face a detrimental impact if Scotland was to leave the EU.

The report follows on from economic forecasts published by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) which found that Scotland and the UK would fall into recession next year if there was a no-deal exit.

The OBR also revealed that a no-deal Brexit could lead to a plunge in the value of the pound and leave a £30bn black hole in public finances.

SNP MP Peter Grant, who sits on the Brexit Committee, said:

“This report from a Conservative and DUP dominated committee spells out the dangers of a no-deal Brexit in terms that even the most blinkered of Brexiteers cannot ignore.

“The Committee took evidence from almost all sectors of the economy and their message could not have been clearer – do not let a no-deal happen.

“Parliament has already overwhelmingly rejected a no-deal Brexit and yesterday it voted by a substantial majority to stop the next Prime Minister from abusing the government’s power to push a no-deal Brexit through the back door.

"We already know that there is no such thing as a good Brexit and that leaving the EU will inflict serious and lasting harm. The OBR's warnings that the UK would plunge into recession and leave a £30bn black hole in public finances adds to the madness of Brexit.

"The next Prime Minister cannot simply turn a blind eye to the mounting evidence of the dangers of a no-deal exit. To ignore the warnings would be nothing short of sheer irresponsibility.

"It's no surprise that support for independence in Scotland is growing, with polls showing a majority want a fresh independence referendum. 

“I call on the new Prime Minister, whoever he may be, to give an immediate commitment to respect the will of Parliament, and take a damaging no-deal Brexit off the table for good.”