Ian Blackford, SNP MP and party leader in Westminster says the UK government is ignoring Scotland's wishes once again.

Theresa May has dismissed concerns of Scottish universities, and the Scottish Government, that her plans will restrict student visas to three years. Scotland's graduate courses normally last four years. 

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Ian Blackford challenged the Prime Minister to match the SNP government's commitment to maintain free EU student fees to 2021, and called on the UK government to ensure that students in Scotland will have access to 4-year long visas in the event of Brexit.

Theresa May refused to give any commitments on either issue, and refuted the concerns of Scottish universities, claiming "I understand that the situation is not quite…as problematic for those students as he sets out".

Commenting after Prime Ministers Questions, Ian Blackford MP said:

"Yet again, Westminster is completely ignoring Scotland on Brexit and acting against our interests with a botched student visa scheme that fails to accommodate Scottish degrees.

"Instead of brazenly dismissing the serious concerns of Scotland's universities, Theresa May should have the decency to admit the UK government didn't consider Scotland's needs, and go back to the drawing board to create a student visa that works for our higher education system.

"The Tories' refusal to match the SNP government's commitment to maintain free EU student fees to 2021, will set alarm bells ringing for EU nationals and for our higher education sector, which stands to lose out if Brexit makes it harder to recruit EU students, staff and funding. 

"It's clearer than ever that Westminster is simply not working for Scotland. People in Scotland will have the opportunity to send a strong message that we want to stay in Europe by voting SNP at the European elections on 23rd May."