the increasing  cost for presecriptions in England shows how much better off people are in Scotland with an SNP-led government.

Scottish patients are saving £171 a year on their prescriptions compared to patients in England – after prescription charges in the Tory-run NHS rose to £9.

According to the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre (SPICe), the average Scot receives 19 prescriptions per year. If these were charged at the new English rate of £9 each, people in Scotland would be out of pocket by £171 annually.

Commenting, SNP MSP Emma Harper said:

“Healthcare should be free at the point of use for everyone – that’s why the SNP scrapped prescription charges for all patients 2011.

“Prescription charges were nothing more than a tax on ill health that Scotland's families could ill afford. I am proud that an SNP Government took the decision to improve access to prescriptions for all.

“In England, the Tories are putting the future of the health service at risk by opening up the NHS to privatisation, continuing to charge families a small fortune for vital medication.

“This is further evidence that people are better off with the SNP – and only the SNP will keep Scotland’s NHS safe in public hands.”



ISD Prescribing Analysis 2018 -

Prescription costs in England rise to £9 -

New NHS England prescription charge x Average number of prescriptions per head in Scotland =
Average cost saving to Scottish patients
£9 x 19 = £171