Walk around 1

Christina McKelvie MSP organised a walk-around in the Burnbank area on 15th March due to the recent acts of anti-social behaviour. She was joined by Inspector Derek Hamilton and Councillor Stephanie Callaghan.

Meeting locally they spoke about what work was ongoing and what new kinds of work would be required to improve security in the area. Ongoing work discussed included extra police patrols, extra CCTV coverage, improved secured entry in local flats and a whole host of other preventative actions.

The group also visited the local shops in Burnbank and spoke to owners who have noted interest in meeting to discuss ways forward.

Commenting, Christina said: “The kind of behaviour we have seen in the previous weeks has been totally unacceptable. It was helpful to hear first-hand the concerns of those living and working in Burnbank. Having spoken to Councillor Callaghan and Inspector Hamilton it is clear to me that the Police and Council are taking these problems very seriously indeed.”

Stephanie said: “It was helpful to speak to business and residents in the local area about their concerns and what they want to see happening to improve the problems they are facing. The Council and the Police are totally committed to tackling this unacceptable behaviour and will be working together closely to ensure this happens.”

Inspector Hamilton said: “In recent months Burnbank has been a priority area for local police in relation to acts of anti-social behaviour and violence.  We have worked with South Lanarkshire Council Housing Department and Joint Problem Solving Team, local business owners and elected officials to improve CCTV provision and directly address the behaviour of known individuals.  We have carried out daily hi-visibility patrols in Burnbank and engaged with parents of young people frequenting the area.  A number of arrests and have been made and alcohol seized.  We will continue to work with partners, consult with the members of the community and elected officials, and carry out additional patrols in the coming days and weeks.  I would encourage anyone experiencing problems to contact Police via '101', or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

If you have any information you think Police should know then do not hesitate to call them on 101, or if it is urgent 999