Keith Brown will today tell Yes supporters in the North East that independence will be the opposite of Brexit chaos.

Speaking at a one-day conference held in Aberdeen, the SNP Depute Leader will draw a contrast between the “narrow isolationism” of Brexit Britain and the opportunity for change offered by independence.

Mr Brown will also tell the gathering that “people are ready to listen” to the case for independence and that Yes supporters must approach people with “patience, empathy and kindness.”

Mr Brown is expected to say:

“Many of us who support independence have long viewed Westminster as a failing institution.

“But even we would have struggled to predict the complete meltdown caused by Brexit.

“The Tories have no domestic agenda. Everything has been put to the side to focus on Brexit – and they still don’t know how to even deliver it.

“They’re now a one-trick party who can’t agree on the trick.

“Both Westminster parties are falling apart – and every day, we get closer to Brexit with no deal in sight.

“The costs of a No Deal Brexit are unthinkable.

“And why are we here? Because both Labour and the Tories have put the end of freedom of movement above everything else.

“That’s an extraordinarily small-minded approach that will damage Scotland’s economy, our public services and our society as a whole. 

“Brexit Britain offers narrow isolationism – while independence offers the opposite. 

“Independence is about Scotland joining Europe and the rest of the world as an equal partner – not about throwing up new barriers like Brexit does.”

On making the case for independence, Mr Brown will say:

“People across Scotland are looking at this chaos unfolding and they’re wondering how it’s even possible.

“Many who voted No in 2014 are horrified – even if they might not, yet, be prepared to back independence.

“It’s our job to persuade them – with patience, empathy and kindness.

“Brexit is a symptom of Westminster’s failings as much as the cause.

“A Tory government, without a mandate in Scotland, delivering Brexit, which was rejected in Scotland.

“Independence will mean that decisions about Scotland will be made by the people of Scotland.

“People are ready to listen to that case. We need to show why it’s an opportunity worth taking.”