The SNP would gain 4 new MPs if a General Election was held today, according to a megapoll of 40,000 people for the Times – while the Tories would gain a majority across the UK.

The YouGov poll highlights the democratic deficit that sees Scotland facing not just Brexit, but yet more Tory governments which Scotland hasn’t voted for in almost 60 years. 

Commenting on the Scottish seat projections, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“This poll shows Labour can’t stop the Tories in Scotland and can’t even stop them across the UK.

“While we take nothing for granted, this poll is a welcome boost that shows strong levels of trust in the SNP. 

“The SNP is working hard to deliver in government while standing up for Scotland’s interests against Brexit – putting us on the side of the overwhelming majority of Scots.”

On the prospect of a Tory majority, Mr Brown continued:

“People across Scotland will look at the possibility of yet another Tory government with absolute horror. 

“That’s down to Jeremy Corbyn’s capitulation over Brexit, with Labour offering only token opposition to Theresa May’s catastrophic approach. No wonder so many Labour supporters are deeply disappointed. 

“The only way to guarantee that Scotland stops getting Tory governments we didn’t vote for is through independence.

“It’s time for Scotland to grasp that opportunity.”