Ian Blackford MP has asked the Prime Minister if she inadvertently misled the House of Commons, or if "the UK government’s incompetence has reached a whole new level" over contradictory statements on her Brexit proposals.
Two weeks ago the Prime Minister told the House, “to vote this deal down in the hope of going back to Brussels and negotiating an alternative deal…no such alternative deal exists.”
Yet last night, she told the House of Commons she will go to Brussels and seek an alternative arrangement.
The SNP Westminster Leader also asked the Prime Minister if she accepted she had “promised Scotland everything and delivered nothing.”
Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said:

"We have seen nothing but continued incompetence from this Tory government and Scotland is paying the price.
“Last night a majority of Scottish MPs rejected Brexit. The Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and this House of Commons has rejected the Prime Minister’s deal.
“The UK Government told Scotland in 2014 being part of the UK meant continued EU membership. The UK Government told us we would be a family of equal nations.
"Scotland wants to stay in the EU, but we are scunnered by this Tory government ignoring Scotland.”