Rudd gives green light for managed migration to flawed system for thousands

SNP MP Neil Gray has slammed Amber Rudd as she confirmed 10,000 people would go through a managed migration pilot with no assurances from the Secretary of State that any changes would be made to the deeply flawed system.

When questioned by the SNP MP in the House of Commons today, the Secretary of State was unable to commit to making any changes before the summer but confirmed the managed migration pilot would go ahead for thousands of people, adding to the million and a half already forced onto Universal Credit.

Serious concerns have been raised over the Tory government’s flagship welfare policy, with the SNP leading calls for the roll-out of the system to be urgently halted and fixed so that it provides real value and support for those claiming social security.  

Commenting, SNP spokesperson on Social Justice Neil Gray MP said:

“The UK government have confirmed that the rollout of Universal Credit managed migration to 10,000 people could happen without any changes to the deeply-flawed system that operates at present. Contrary to the rhetoric trailed in the media at the weekend, Amber Rudd has rolled back on any concrete plans to make Universal Credit work.

“It is a disgrace that the Secretary of State is happy to use people as guinea pigs by continuing with managed migration to this flawed welfare system, which has already forced many thousands of households and children into poverty. Despite happily going along with the media circus on Sunday, it’s business as usual for the Tories and the Secretary of State is doing nothing more than kicking the can down the road.

“Whilst Universal Credit still carries the punitive benefit freeze, two child cap and rape clause as well as the brutal sanctions regime born from ideologically-driven Tory austerity, the policy is doomed to fail our constituents. It contains a host of built-in cuts and structural deficiencies that must be changed for the system to have any chance of truly supporting people. 

“The Secretary of State must wake up to the calls of charities, experts, community groups, devolved governments and the UN - it’s time to fix Universal Credit once and for all.”