Christina Social Security Ministerial Question


The Scottish Government is set to lead the way in providing accessible facilities to those with a disability following a letter from SNP MSP Christina McKelvie.

In partnership with PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society), Christina McKelvie wrote to Minister for Social Security, Jeane Freeman MSP, to promote their Changing Places Toilets initiative.

The initiative is designed to offer a safe and tailored facility to meet the needs of people with complex care needs. Without suitable changing facilities, many people with complex needs have to be laid on unhygienic toilet floors or become trapped in their own homes.

In response to the letter from Christina McKelvie, Minister for Social Security Jeane Freeman agreed to move forward with plans to implement a Changing Places Toilet Initiative as the Scottish Government finds premises to operate their new Social Security Agency.

Commenting, Ms Freeman added:

“The Campaign has received fantastic publicity and support on-line and I am determined to ensure that the new social security agency buildings embody our values of fairness and respect for the dignity of individuals.

“As we move towards agreeing buildings from which the new agency will operate, my team will prepare a plan to include these requirements in our design.”

Commenting on the decision, Christina McKelvie MSP said:

“I am thrilled that the Scottish Government has committed to ensuring there will be a Changing Places Toilet within the blueprint of their new social security agency premises.

“This is a prime example of the Scottish Government putting words into action.

“Fairness, dignity and respect are the principles that underpin all aspects of the new Social Security system. It is entirely fitting that the Scottish Government have lead the way in agreeing to implement a Changing Places Toilet within their new agency, ensuring dignity and accessibility for all.”

Commenting, Jenny Miller, CEO of PAMIS added:

“We are delighted that the Scottish Government has recognised the needs of people with more complex healthcare needs through this commitment to include a Changing Place toilet in the premises of their new social security agency.

“People with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and their family carers, already have highly complex lives and this access to the new Social Security Agency by the Scottish Government reduces the barriers that prevent them from becoming active citizens.