Christina and Julia Marrs

Hamilton District Foodbank ‘credit voucher’ scheme set for national debate from Christina McKelvie MSP


The work of Scottish Power and Hamilton District Foodbank is set to receive national attention next week as SNP MSP Christina McKelvie is set to lead a debate on the ‘Quick Credit Voucher’ pilot project.

The ‘Quick Credit Voucher’, which offers customers of Scottish Power a £49 credit voucher to assist with heating and energy use, has been positively piloted within Hamilton and Clydesdale foodbanks. The pilot comes following successful negotiations between Scottish Power and SNP politicians Christina McKelvie MSP and South Lanarkshire Councillor Julia Marrs.

Securing a Scottish Parliament Members Debate for Tuesday 20th of February, Christina McKelvie MSP is set to lay out the foundations of the pilot model and how this has provided critical support for those in need of energy assistance.

The Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP, Christina McKelvie, heralded the pilot project as a ‘lifeline’ for her constituents.

Commenting on the forthcoming debate, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:

“There is no doubt that thanks to Scottish Power, Councillor Julia Marrs and the wonderful volunteers of Hamilton District Foodbank, this pilot project has been a lifeline for my constituents.

“I’m delighted that through my Members Debate, those volunteers of Hamilton District Foodbank will be recognised, as will the humanity and forward thinking of the ‘Quick Credit Voucher’ from Scottish Power.

“Following the pilot project, I wrote to the other ‘Big Six’ energy companies to see what more support they could offer my constituents, particularly as the winter months were beginning to set it.

“I have had several positive meetings with those companies and I will continue to strive for all possible support for my constituents who may need that extra help with their energy.

Commenting on the Members Debate, Douglas McLaren, Retail Operations Director at ScottishPower, said:

“Since our initial meeting with Christina McKelvie MSP and Councillor Julia Marrs we have partnered with several agencies, including foodbanks, for the credit voucher scheme.

“We offer a wide range of support to vulnerable customers and it is our hope that these initiatives will provide some extra help for those who need it most.”