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Local MSP raises issue of stop-skipping and early termination


The Scotrail Alliance and Christina McKelvie MSP have struck an agreement to seek improvements on the Larkhall to Milngavie train line following a string of constituent complaints.

Early termination and station-skipping were high on the agenda for the Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP Christina McKelvie as she held a meeting with Scotrail performance director Perry Ramsey.

It was revealed that over a period of 904 services along the train line, 2% of services were deemed a ‘failure’.

Following the meeting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie was able to secure a personal quarterly update from the Scotrail director to ensure quality of service and to demand improvements along the line.

Commenting on the meeting, Christina McKelvie MSP said:

“On behalf of my constituents who have been massively inconvenienced by delayed, partially terminated or cancelled services along the Larkhall line, I was able to secure a meeting with Scotrail performance director, Perry Ramsey.

“I made it clear that, in no uncertain terms, my constituents are rightly angered that their travel plans had been disrupted by service alterations.

“Scotrail not only listened to my concerns but gave me a personal assurance that service improvement plans were ongoing. Further to this meeting, I have secured an ongoing quarterly meeting with the Scotrail Alliance to discuss the service and what alterations are ongoing.

“In partnership with Scotrail, I would encourage my constituents to keep me informed of their experience on the line and what more can be done to improve travel for everyone throughout my constituency.”