Launch of South Lanarkshire Radio

Christina McKelvie MSP, Still Game's Matt 'Stevie the Bookie' Costello and South Lanarkshire Radio volunteers

Christina McKelvie, MSP, Hamilton, Stonehouse and Larkhall, has greeted the launch of South Lanarkshire Radio, a new community station, available online, for everyone in the local area.

At the launch event on Saturday 13 January, Christina joined Still Game” bookie, Matt Costello, plus organisers and presenters at station headquarters on Townhead Street: “I think this venture shows the kind of real community spirit and the desire to draw in local people. I congratulate Richard Clewes and all the volunteers both on-mike and off it.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for people to enjoy a shared platform where they are able to listen to the concerns and connections of neighbours and friends.”

Founder, Richard Clewes, explains his motivation: “I've always enjoyed radio, ever since I began volunteering in hospital radio at the age of 14. I did a lot of research on community radio stations and thought I would really like to try setting up my own and getting the local community involved. I also know a few people who have helped me achieve the dream.

We are committed to being a voice for South Lanarkshire. With local people, projects, groups and charities into our studios to talk about local events.

“On the station you will hear local people, projects, events, music, news, sports, travel and weather.”

Anchor presenter, Greg Campbell, adds: “I am going to involve local community people and places, unlike commercial stations that have little or no real content at all. I will also be making all my shows fun and informative for all to enjoy.”

The station operates purely on volunteer support and is welcoming new contributors.

South Lanarkshire Radio aims to include everyone and has installed accessible studios so that people of all ages and abilities can get involved.

Richard adds: “We will be running radio training programmes and workshops in our studio to schools, colleges and community groups around the area.

“If you are interested in getting involved, get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you! If you would like our team to broadcast your event, get in touch.”