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MSP notes Catalonian ‘siren call’ at Council of Europe plenary


Catalonian self-determination was raised this week as MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, Christina McKelvie, called upon the Council of Europe to take mediated action in the Catalonian dispute.  

The Council of Europe, the European institute for local and regional assemblies, met this week in Strasbourg for their annual plenary. Christina, The Scottish Parliament delegate to the Council of Europe, debated within the plenary session regarding the ongoing situation in Catalonia.

Commenting in the debate, Christina said:

“Freedom, democracy and human rights are the fundamental principles of this Council of Europe.

“The threats to suspend Catalan autonomy is a ‘siren call’ for all of those who believe in regional and devolved government.

The SNP MSP also went further to condemn the arrest of President of Omnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, and the President of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana, Jordi Sánchez, detained by the Spanish Government on charges of sedation.

“I do not think I can recall a time when a nation of this European Union would take political prisoners. The arrest of peaceful citizen and political leaders is abhorrent and undermines our European values”.

“I agree wholeheartedly with Amnesty International and reiterate their call to release both Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez”.

“I call on this Council of Europe to stand up - as a guarantor of human rights – to facilitate dialogue between the Spanish and Catalan Governments in order to achieve a settlement that is peaceful for all.”