Christina Pledge for Catalonia



MSP calls for ‘free and fair’ democratic referendum


The question of the Catalonian referendum was raised in the Scottish Parliament this week as Christina McKelvie MSP called for a ‘free and fair’ democratic referendum upon the region.

The call comes after news that the Spanish Government has seized control of the finances of Catalonia and that Guardia Civil officers have arrested 12 senior Catalan officials, including the secretary general of economic affairs, Josep Maria Jové.

In a Scottish Government debate regarding Dignity, Equality and Human Rights for all, Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP Christina McKelvie called for united Scottish Parliament agreement that the Catalonian referendum should be respected.

Speaking in the debate, Christina commented:

“In Scotland, we have the right to self-determination: I pledge my support to the Catalan people and their right to self-determination in a referendum that is free from interference. I hope that my colleagues in the chamber will do the same.

Adding after the debate, the MSP said:

“The right to liberty and self-determination is universal and unquestionable. What we are seeing from the Spanish Government is a crackdown on that liberty, eroding the UN Charter in the process.

“The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and the Edinburgh Agreement which proceeded it should be used as a successful template of the democratic process.

“As a nation, we were able to democratically debate and discuss ideas – Yes and No – on what kind of country Scotland could be.  

“I pledge that same democratic support to the Catalan people so that they too can decide upon a Government that best reflects the will of their people.”