MSP Christina McKelvie is committed to Face Equality


Changing Faces, the UK-wide charity campaigning to overcome disfigurement discrimination, held their Scottish Parliament reception to mark the 25th anniversary of the charity.

Following the May 2017 release of their report ‘Disfigurement in the UK’, which recommended reforms to media, education and justice with respect to disfigurement in the UK, the charity met with MSPs to further discuss their work and to put an end to appearance discrimination.

The charity, which has trained over 100+ health professionals and had 4000+ people offered treatment from their skin camouflage services, spoke with Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP, Christina McKelvie.

Christina commented:

“We should all challenge persecution and discrimination when we see it and discriminating against appearances is no different.

“The scope and reach that Changing Faces has in Scotland is inspiring and they deserve tremendous credit for all the work that they do.

“I am more than happy to support their Face Equality campaign, that, without prejudice or fear, will treat everyone equally regardless of appearance.

Rob Murray, Manager for Changing Faces Scotland commented:

“I was delighted to spend time with Christina discussing the experiences of those with a disfigurement across Scotland.

“Through Christina’s work in Parliament and indeed within her constituency, it’s clear that our campaign for Face Equality has a real champion fighting in our corner.

“Whether you have acne, eczema, burn scar, cleft lip or indeed a disfigurement you should be able to live life without fear of discrimination or bullying.

“Scotland is known for being a friendly and compassionate society and with the help of Members of the Scottish Parliament, including Christina, we can ensure our welcoming personality helps to stamp out appearance related discrimination."