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McKelvie calls for action following latest Tory bigotry row


Commenting on the latest bigotry row engulfing the Scottish Tories, with MP Douglas Ross speaking out against the minority gypsy traveller community, the SNP have called for Tory leader Ruth Davidson to break her silence and discipline the MP.

Mr Ross has claimed that the top priority for a Prime Minister should be “tougher enforcement against Gypsies and Travellers” – a statement which has attracted widespread criticism, including from Amnesty International who said his comments were "divisive” and “inflammatory rhetoric that creates barriers”.

The comments come after Ms Davidson moved to readmit two councillors to the Tories, despite their racist, bigoted and sectarian views.

SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:

"These comments are disgraceful and shed further light on the true character of Ruth Davidson’s party.

“But equally disgraceful is the cowardly vow of silence that Ms Davidson herself seems to have taken in recent days.

“Not content with readmitting two councillors with openly racist, sectarian and bigoted views to her party, she is refusing to justify that move or to discipline Mr Ross.

“The gypsy traveller community are part of Scotland's rich cultural heritage and it speaks volumes that Douglas Ross should single out this minority group in the way that he has.

"But in some ways it is not remotely surprising, coming from a party which – under Ms Davidson – is showing, with every day that passes, that it openly embraces intolerance and prejudice rather than condemning it.

"This is the week in which the ugly reality of Ruth Davidson's Tories has been fully exposed. It is a party which offers a home to extremist views, turns a blind eye to prejudice and allows those who spout offensive nonsense to hold elected office.

“Ruth Davidson’s continued silence is utterly unsustainable – she should speak out and discipline Mr Ross, or tell us why she disagrees with Amnesty International.”