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Christina McKelvie MSP visits Hamilton Central staff regarding anti-social behaviour

Scotrail staff of Hamilton Central have met individually with local MSP Christina McKelvie as part of their ongoing work to combat the anti-social behaviour at the station.

The station, which had recently been fitted with an anti-loitering “mosquito” device, has been the subject of anti-social behaviour and youth gatherings. The device, which is known to emit high frequency sounds aimed at dispersing large gangs, has been criticised for its disproportionate effect on young people.  

The meeting comes after the recent Hamilton Central Parliamentary Summit, hosted by the Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP, which brought together Scotrail, The RMT, Police Scotland and British Transport Police to discuss the ongoing incidents.

Agreed from the summit was the intention of Christina to engage with every organisation individually over the parliamentary summer recess.

Commenting on the meeting, Christina McKelvie MSP said:

“The meeting I had with the staff of Hamilton Central was constructive and entirely positive. There were a range of items discussing, including safety, security and the installation of their anti-loitering device.

“I impressed upon them my strong discouragement of the device, including citing the Council of Europe Report which charts the disproportionate impact these devices have on young people.

“Whilst the rights of the child must be protected and maintained, I empathise and indeed support the rights of Scotrail to have a duty of care to their staff. I have received assurances that this device is a last resort measure and is only being used when there is an immediate danger to members of the public and staff at Hamilton Central.

 “As part of my ongoing work with all stakeholders from my Parliamentary Summit, throughout the summer recess I will meet one on one with them all to check what progress we have made in eradicating the ongoing behaviour at Hamilton Central.

“I would again implore to those using our station as a vehicle for their behaviour to think of the impact and damage they are causing to our town.”