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Christina McKelvie MSP blasts Conservative austerity


The UK Conservative Government were handed a blow as the High Court deemed their cap on welfare benefits illegal. The court ruled that the cap, which limits the total welfare payments to one household to £20,000 a year, illegally discriminated against single parent households.

The ruling, initiated by four lone parent families who successfully argued that the benefit cap disproportionally discriminated against them, was presided over by High Court judge, Mr Justice Collins.

In his summary, Mr Justice Collins criticised the Conservative Government, stating “real misery is being caused to no good purpose”.

Commenting on the ruling, MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, Christina McKelvie said:

“The ruling from the High Court is a damning indictment on the Conservative Government who should be ashamed in their continued pursuit of austerity.

“Austerity is a deliberate, callous political choice – pure and simple. Despite the clear detrimental impact the benefit cap is having on lone parent households, the Tories still have the gall to appeal the decision of the High Court.

“This isn’t the first time the Tories welfare cap has been ruled illegal – they have previous for discriminating against the disabled and their carer’s.

“Whether your disabled, a single parent, young or old, the Tories seem unrelenting in their policy to cut from the most vulnerable.

“Whilst I praise the courage and fortitude of those lone parents who came forward and took on the UK Government, I would implore an urgent rethink from the Tories so more people don’t end vulnerable and impoverished as a result of their policies."