Christina Fracking Handover

MSP presents consultation reports to Minister for Business, Inovation and Energy

The future energy policy of the Scottish Government took a decisive turn this week, as the public consultation on unconventional oil and gas was closed for submission.

The views of the public were sought on the future energy policy of Scotland, with submissions being made from the South Lanarkshire Against Unconventional Gas group.

South Lanarkshire Against Unconventional Gas where in the Scottish Parliament (24th May), to personally handover the written consultation submissions to local MSP, Christina McKelvie. The Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP then proceeded to bring the consultations straight to the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, Paul Wheelhouse MSP.
Fracking SLAUG
Commenting on the handover, Christina said:

“It was a pleasure to welcome the South Lanarkshire Against Unconventional Gas group to the Scottish Parliament. It’s clear, from the sheer volume of reports submitted to the consultation, that the Group are one of the leading voices in opposition to fracking in Scotland.

“The consultation has now closed and I thank everyone, especially my constituents, for making your voice heard.

“I was compelled to pass the consultation reports of my constituents over to the Minister directly. Direct democracy deserves direct attention and my thanks once again to South Lanarkshire Against Unconventional Gas in coming to the Parliament.

“The Scottish Government has taken the correct approach. We have listened to the evidence, we have listened to the experts and, more importantly, we have now listened to the people.”