Scrap the Rape Clause Graphic



Campaigners for the Scrap the Rape Clause and Family Cap will descend upon Edinburgh tomorrow as they take their campaign to the Scottish Parliament. With exception from the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, leaders from all Scottish political parties are expected to be at the rally.

The campaign, which was formed in response to the Conservative Government’s welfare reform proposals to Child Tax Credits, recently held a demonstration in Glasgow’s George Square, following the public support of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson’s support for the reforms.

MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, Christina McKelvie, recently launched a Scottish Parliament Motion condemning the Scottish Conservative leader for her support of the rape clause, and implored Ms. Davidson to engage in urgent dialogue with the Prime Minister rethink the welfare reforms.  

Commenting on Ruth Davidson’s snub of the Rape Clause rally tomorrow, Christina McKelvie said:

“Whilst it’s not at all surprising to see Ruth Davidson duck and cover away from her own party and their shameful rape clause, she should still have the courage to come out and stand by her convictions, however misguided they may be.

“Every other party leader will be present at the rally tomorrow alongside myself. It is to the credit of Parliament that, when it comes to something as callous as the Rape Clause, party differences can be put to the side.

“Sadly, for the many women out there who will suffer at the hands of the Tories Rape Clause, the same can’t be said of Ruth Davidson or the Conservative Government.

“They should be thoroughly ashamed of their actions and the protestors at tomorrow’s demonstration will make no mistake in letting the Tories know.