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MSP backs Scottish Government working group for LGBTI equality


The Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign has been unanimously backed in the Scottish Parliament following a Members’ Business debate this evening in Holyrood.

The TIE campaign, which has been at the forefront of arguing for inclusive LGBTI education in schools, was supported by Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP, Christina McKelvie, during the debate.

The Scottish Government recently announced the formulation of a working group to support the TIE campaign and all other stakeholders achieve the campaign pledges of the TIE campaign.

The proposal to formulate a working group was agreed at the SNP Spring Conference 2017, after a proposed amendment from Christina McKelvie mandating the Scottish Government to create the group was accepted.

Commenting within the debate, Christina said:

“The time has come for TIE. The Scottish Parliament has made herself clear – we support the TIE Campaign. We support teacher training, we support inclusive education and above all else, we unequivocally support those young people who have found their voice thanks to the work of Jordan & Liam.

“We won’t shy away from the difficult decisions – we won’t be afraid to tackle those who preach ignorance and intolerance.

“That is precisely why, at SNP Conference, I was delighted to help establish the new Scottish Government working group in order to make the TIE pledges a reality. This working group will build even further on what the TIE campaign has achieved and, with all other partner organisations, ensure that Scottish schools meet the needs of LGBTI pupils at every stage of education.

“The time for action has come. We have made that abundantly clear. This parliament has made this abundantly clear. Jordan, Liam, the TIE campaign and the LGBTI youth of Scotland have shown us the way – we will be honoured to carry out the work they rightly demand of us.”