Gordons Fightback


Campaigner honoured by Scottish Parliament


The late Gordon Aikman was honoured in the Scottish Parliament this week, with a Scottish Government debate regarding the campaigner’s achievements for MND Scotland.

Gordon, who was diagnosed with MND in 2014, raised over £550,000 for MND Scotland until his death in February this year.

Despite the life expectancy of MND patients from diagnosis to death being 14 months, Gordon embarked on tireless campaigning and fundraising efforts in order to find a cure.

Gordon’s campaigning was honoured in the Scottish Parliament, with Christina McKelvie, MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, speaking within the debate.

Commenting, Christina said:

“I offer my sincerest condolences to Joe and the family and friends of Gordon Aikman.

“I offer these mere words as a comfort to them as a daughter who has loved and lost someone dear to me to motor neurone disease.

“No words can ever express enough the depth of our grief, but please know that these words are filled with the experience of a family who face every day with the knowledge that this terrible disease has taken our loved one.

“My family share our grief with Gordon’s family and friends.

“In difficult times such as the ones that we are discussing, the last thing that a family needs is to spend those last precious days fighting for the dignity of having enough to live on.

“Automatic lifelong awards can make a huge difference to those families, and I urge the Scottish Government to ensure that that is realised when the benefits that will be devolved to this place come here.