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Amnesty International Annual Report shows grave human rights violations


Amnesty International has published their annual report, showing the current state of human rights throughout the world.

The findings of the report show a deeply concerning backtrack on fundamental human rights, with Turkey, Egypt and the Philippines being condemned for their regressive approach to universal rights and freedoms.

The report goes further to state that 36 countries illegally returned refugees back to a country where their rights were at risk, bringing condemnation from Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP, Christina McKelvie.

Christina, who convenes the Scottish parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee, has launched a parliamentary motion noting the findings of the report.


Amnesty Motion

The SNP MSP commented:

“I am deeply disturbed at the findings of the report from Amnesty International, showing that, amongst other atrocities,  36 countries illegally returned refugee where there was a demonstrable risk to their life if they returned.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. The report goes further to show that 23 countries have committed war crimes in the past year, with 22 countries standing accused of killing peaceful protesters.

“It’s clear from the report that there has been a very worrying and very shameful rollback on fundamental human rights from certain governments across the world.

“The Scottish Parliament has always been an institution with human rights ingrained into its fabric. Within that fabric lies the parliamentary responsibility to hold governments to account should they flout their human rights obligations.


“As politicians, activists and as people, we must stand together to ensure that human rights are not just for the elite few - they belong to us all.”

Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty International's Scotland Programme Director, said:

“Wealthy nations including the US have shown an appalling lack of leadership in dealing with critical refugee issues. President Trump’s policies have brought America to a level of human rights crisis that we haven’t seen in years and he has only been in office for a month.

“However, he is just one world leader who appears intent on reserving rights and freedoms for the privileged few.

“When language such as 'taking our country back' and 'making America great again' is seen alongside proposals to treat EU migrants like bargaining chips or to ban refugees on the grounds of religion, it demonstrates a trend that fosters deep hatred and sends a strong message that some people are entitled to human rights and others aren't.

"This toxic language is not acceptable and we must stand together to prevent human rights being eroded any further."