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Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP accuses Teresa May of ‘moral abdication’


The UK Government has announced that they are set to close the Lord Dubs Scheme, a resettlement programme aimed at welcoming over 3,000 of the most vulnerable unaccompanied refugee children throughout Europe.

The scheme, which was an amendment attached by Lord Dubs to the Immigration Act (2016), is set been scrapped, following a statement from Minister for Immigration, Robert Goodwill MP.

Mr. Goodwill announced the closure of the scheme just hours before the final vote on triggering Article 50 in Westminster was decided.

The move from the Minister has garnered widespread condemnation, with Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP, Christina McKelvie, launching Scottish Parliament motion S5M-03957 in condemnation of the UK Government decision.

The motion reads:

That the Parliament is deeply shocked by the decision by the UK Government to end the Dubs scheme, which is a resettlement programme to welcome 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees; is angered that the UK Government has reneged on its agreement, having only accepted 300 of the estimated 90,000 unaccompanied child refugees across Europe; believes that this shows a callous, vacuous and moral disregard for some of the world's most vulnerable children; further believes that, in what it considers to be one of the greatest humanitarian crises throughout Europe, it is shameful for the UK Government to close the Dubs scheme; considers that Scotland has already accepted more than its population share of Syrian refugees and stands ready to do more; reiterates that the UK Government has shown a clear lack of empathy and moral duty with its decision to close the Dubs scheme, and urges an immediate rethink by the UK Government.

Lord Dubs Motion


The SNP MSP has also written to Minister Goodwill, urging an immediate rethink to their closure of the Lord Dubs Scheme.

Commenting, Christina McKelvie said:

“The closing of the Dubs Scheme shows a clear and abject lack of moral empathy from the Teresa May.

“The UK Government has turned its back on thousands of refugee children – some of the most vulnerable and desolate throughout Europe.

“This is a callous act.

“A shameful and damning indictment on the Conservative Government who announced the Dubs closure on the same day the Scottish Government announced the New Refugee Doctors Project – a scheme to re-train refugee doctors to work in NHS Scotland.

“The difference between the values of our Government’s couldn’t be any clearer. The Scottish Government stands ready to take our share of those who, in their hour of need, desperately need humanity – something the UK Government clearly lack”