Christina McKelvie MSP Budget 2017 18


Christina McKelvie welcomes £8 billion investment in health and social care

The Scottish Government has revealed an £8 billion investment in the health and social care sector, giving a pay rise to thousands of public health workers.

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution, Derek MacKay MSP, published the Draft Budget 2017-18 before the Scottish Parliament last week.

Within, the Cabinet Secretary revealed that a proportion on the £8 billion investment will be attributed to social care workers and their overnight shift patterns.

Commenting within the debate, Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse MSP, Christina McKelvie, questioned the Cabinet Secretary:

“We are hearing reports of a crisis in social care in England, with workers on low wages and chronic underfunding of the system, so the cabinet secretary’s commitment to invest £8 billion in health and social care is a welcome sign that there is no such complacency in Scotland.

“Can he confirm that, in delivering the living wage for social care workers, that money will also resolve the issue of pay for overnight shifts? How many low-income care workers will benefit directly from the policy?”

Responding, the Cabinet Secretary revealed:

“In response to Christina McKelvie I say that the new support for social care should support delivery of the living wage and should also cover sleepovers.

“It will be key to the transformation of health and social care that we do that, as we help to improve capacity and quality within the system by acknowledging the value of its workers, who do some of the most valuable work in Scotland.

“I am pleased that we will be able to continue to support them with a well-deserved pay rise”

Commenting after the Budget proposals, Christina McKelvie added:

“I’m extremely pleased that The Scottish Government will take forward these proposals and reinforce the living wage for all our hardworking carers.

“This is an important issue that a number of constituents brought to my attention.

“The Scottish Government was proud to introduce the Living Wage for carers throughout Scotland and this announcement from the Cabinet Secretary ensures that many of my constituents will benefit from a hugely warranted pay-rise for their commendable work.