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Ruth Davidson faces questions after no Tory MSP attended a Social Security fact-finding visit to a jobcentre to learn about Universal Credit reforms – with two-job welfare spokesman Adam Tomkins missing committee business for a second time.
This latest no-show by part-time Tories will add to pressure on Ruth Davidson, after her three-job justice spokesman Douglas Ross repeatedly missed parliamentary work for lucrative refereeing work on the continent – despite the party insisting this would be a “one-off problem” and Mr Ross previously indicating he would give up midweek games if elected.
The fact-finding visit was attended by Sandra White, Ben Macpherson, Pauline McNeill, Alison Johnstone and Mark Griffin. Both Tory MSPs on the committee, Adam Tomkins and Gordon Lindhurst, were absent – and both declare second incomes.
Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:
“These part-time Tory MSPs are becoming a real problem for Ruth Davidson. Were Adam Tomkins and Gordon Lindhurst working elsewhere instead of doing the job they were elected to do? Why was no Tory able to attend?
“If it’s not Douglas Ross missing work to swan round Europe as a linesman, it’s Adam Tomkins putting his lecturing job ahead of important committee business.
“The real kick in the teeth is that not a single Tory was willing to come to the frontline and learn about UK government’s botched Universal Credit reform, which will contribute to leaving families in Scotland up to £2500 a year worse off. 
“The Tories stood on a platform promising a strong opposition, but it looks like Ruth Davidson’s frontbenchers are more interested in picking up their pay cheques at lucrative second jobs than in getting on with their day jobs.”