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Motor Neuron Disease Scotland has launched their campaign to ensure Motor Neuron Disease (MND) sufferers will face no reassessments for their welfare claims.

The campaign, named ‘Let’s Get Benefits Right’, aims to grant automatic access for certain benefits, such as Attendance Allowance and Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

As part of the Scottish Government public consultation into the newly proposed Scottish Social Security system, Christina McKelvie MSP has written to Jeane Freeman MSP, Minister for Social Security, to call for the Scottish Government to support the ‘Let’s Get Benefits Right’ campaign.

Commenting on the campaign, Christina said:

“Motor Neuron Disease is an issue very close to my heart and is incredibly personal to me.

“Once again, I am proud to stand alongside MND Scotland.

“The Scottish Government has been very clear that any future Scottish Social Security system will have dignity and respect at its core.

“I have written to the Minister for Social Security to implore that an ideal way to achieve this dignified system is to adopt the principles of the ‘Let’s Get Benefits Right’ campaign.

“From diagnosis, the life expectancy of an MND sufferer is 14 months. I find it humiliating that under the current UK Government welfare system, MND patients are constantly scrutinised and reassessed for their benefits.

“The Scottish Social Security System has the potential to be different; the potential to be progressive and bold.

“Fast track MND sufferers; give automatic entitlement to PIP and Attendance Allowance; and let there be no more continual assessment for those who need our help most.

“Let us together get benefits right for people with MND.

“This will be a brilliant, dignified and respectful start to getting welfare right for all people in Scotland”