Christina Fairer Scotland


Christina McKelvie MSP has pledged to build a fairer, more equal Scotland during a Scottish Government debate this week in The Scottish Parliament.

The debate, instigated by motion S5M-02077 in the name of Angela Constance MSP, states that “That the Parliament agrees to reduce poverty and inequalities and to achieve a fairer Scotland; recognises the challenges in this aim and that it will take all sectors of society to work together to build a stronger, more inclusive country”.

Commenting on the debate, Christina added:

Fairness is a challenging idea to pin down. We all know roughly what we mean when we use the word, yet it can mean everything or nothing.

It’s not the same as treating everyone exactly the same.

“I had the opportunity to see Ken Loach’s new film, I Daniel Blake, last week and it devastated me. The harsh, brutal, cruel, unfairness of the UK benefits system is all too familiar to me and to many of my constituents in an area that knows the real meaning of social deprivation.

“Now, that is unfair.

“It’s not all misery, doom  and gloom. The Scottish Government is moving to a position where it will have the power to change this punitive and outdated welfare system and to put in its place something innovative and effective; an Action Plan for a Fairer Scotland.

“This Scottish Government has not shirked its responsibilities.

“We can do it. We will do it with the support of our partners and the commitment of everyone in Scotland to a fairer, more inclusive society.