CPC Motion



Christina McKelvie MSP has lodged parliamentary motion S5M-01841 condemning the UK Government for their inflammatory immigration policies, announced at the Conservative Party annual conference. 

Among the proposals from the UK Government, there is the intention to demand that private companies keep a record of all the non-British workers within their employ.

These proposals are designed to pressure private firms into hiring more local workers, denying employment on the basis of nationality. 

The text of the motion reads: 

That the Parliament condemns what it sees as the vitriolic and concerning rhetoric emanating from the Conservative Party conference regarding future immigration policy, including what it considers the prevalent anti-migrant, anti-immigration future direction of UK Government policy; believes that, in the aftermath of Brexit, Scotland has welcomed and reassured EU citizens living in the country that it remains their home; is deeply troubled by the reported Conservative Party proposals for private companies to record the number of foreign workers in their employ; believes that such a practice would result in an inherently xenophobic "British jobs for British workers" recruitment strategy; considers such rhetoric as degrading and insulting to all; believes that suitability for employment should not be judged on people's nationality but instead on their potential; reinforces what it sees as the position of the Scottish Government that citizens of other European countries living in Scotland should be valued and welcomed, and strongly implores the UK Government to deviate from, what it believes to be, the scapegoating of other EU nationals living in the UK."

Commenting further, Christina said:

"I wholeheartedly agree with the First Minister when she stated that the targeting of foreign workers by the Tories is the most reactionary display of right-wing politics seen in recent memory.

"The Prime Minister had claimed that 
under her premiership the Conservative Party would govern for all . 

"This pledge clearly doesn't apply to those EU nationals who already reside in the UK; who contribute, pay their taxes and raise their families in the UK.

"In Scotland, we strive to be an open, tolerant and inclusive society. Not a society that assesses your suitability for employment based upon the location of your birth. 

"In order to achieve that inclusive society, we must not be afraid to hold the Tories to account when they demean European nationals who live in Scotland. 

"To reiterate again: all those European citizens who call Scotland home - we welcome you and we value you. 

"That will never change."