Yesterday [29 September 2016], the Scottish Parliament formally agreed a new name and remit for the Equal Opportunities Committee.

The Committee is now called the Equalities and Human Rights Committee [EHRiC], with the responsibility for human rights as well as equalities.

Convenor of the EHRiC, Christina McKelvie MSP, stated:

“By including human rights within the Committee’s remit, it has given human rights the true legislative focus it deserves within the Scottish Parliament.

“Over the coming months the Committee will establish how best to advance the scrutiny of human rights matters within the Parliament. That means hearing from everyone around the table, aiding the committee to continue its focus on equalities.

“This name and remit change is part of the wider public debate to show the fundamental links between equalities and human rights.

“By considering human rights within its remit, the Committee can now broaden out its work plan.  This only benefits our Equalities and Human Rights Committee to engineer the prosperous and progressively equal society we all know Scotland has the potential to be.”