Christina Standing Safe Campaign


The University of the West of Scotland has launched the Safe Standing Campaign – a staff and student collaboration to reduce sexual violence on University campuses.

The campaign officially launched at the UWS Paisley campus on September 14th, with The Scottish Parliament highlighting the campaign during a members debate today [22nd September].

Commenting on the debate, Christina said:

“As co-convener of the Scottish Parliament’s working group on men’s violence against women and children, the right to be confident about your own safety sounds as if it should be automatic. It isn’t of course.

“That’s part of why I campaigned to get Clare’s Law enforced in Scotland and to make Revenge Porn images a criminal offence.

“I have worked with a whole range of agencies both statutory and voluntary to keep on getting the message across: Sexual violence against women has no place in Scotland. End of


Standing safe Students in Parliament

“I was proud to join staff and students at the UWS Paisley campus a week ago. They are a great example of how we can work together to raise awareness on the one hand and at the same time, to shift attitudes so that violence against women is forced out.

“The Scottish Government has achieved a lot and continues to argue for more protection for victims and a more robust legal system that can deliver guilty verdicts for a very precise crime of sexual violence.

“All of us who are involved in whatever way in working towards the eradication of these heinous attacks stand safely together.