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Christina McKelvie MSP, a long-term supporter of the Living Wage, has just received her own formal accreditation as a Living Wage Employer.

The Living Wage Foundation, which has set the hourly rate at £8.25, highlights the benefits to both employers and employees. Better health and wellbeing create a happier workplace and reduced sick absence. Research has shown conclusively that productivity is increased and worker satisfaction is stronger.

Christina said: “I was the second MSP to ensure I was a Living Wage Employer but it’s nice to have the official accreditation now.

“The Scottish Government has now achieved its goal of having 500 Living Wage employers by March 2016. We are seeking to extend that number all the time. That is why we have set the ambitious but achievable plan to have 1,000 accredited Living Wage employers by autumn 2017. I’m happy to play my part in this and I encourage all employers to follow suit.

“Paying the Living Wage changes people’s lives. It’s a principled stance that shows your staff that you recognise that their contribution matters. I’m delighted that South Lanarkshire has the highest level of Living Wage employers outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh.”

Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance, also added:

“Congratulations to Christina McKelvie on becoming an accredited Living Wage MSP.

“In the past year we have seen the number of children in poverty living in households where someone works rising to 66 per cent, and it is obvious that for too many work is no longer a route out of poverty. 

“Paying the Living Wage is the first step in changing this, and we hope to see more employers signing up to the Living Wage in the coming weeks and months”.