There is a very strange person on Twitter who loves the ideology of Hitler's Nazi regime with its 1930s propaganda poster of refugees and the caption that says "Who flooded Europe's cities after the last war? Parasites undermining their host countries." Alongside, he carries the image of Nigel Farage with hundreds of refugees behind him. There are no bounds to this level of abuse.

This is frightening, truly frightening. Are these the kind of people we want to see governing the UK, including Scotland? Do we want to see industrial investment vanish out the door along with potentially many thousands of jobs; to see the fanatical right wing politicians boom and bluster over why it is that no one wants to invest in the UK anymore?

This route is wipe-out. It is economic suicide for all of us, from pensioners with savings that will collapse in value along with the pound, the rights of employees to a decent standard of pay and conditions, maternity leave, ease of movement around Europe, our essential and most basic human rights. All of these are threatened.

Scotland's First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon tweeted her response to the poster campaign, labelling it 'disgusting'.

Joanna Cherry QC MP, the SNP Justice and Home Affairs spokesperson at Westminster, said:

“This is a disgusting new low for the Leave campaigns and a depressing symbol of a referendum that has been dominated by Project Fear negativity and scaremongering.

“Instead of scapegoating migrants for the pressures on public services caused by Tory austerity we should call on the UK government to invest the funding needed.

“We should also recognise the huge benefits that migrants bring to the UK – including their contribution to tax revenues, the economy, and the work many of them do in our NHS and public services.

“Instead of dog whistle xenophobia and doing down freedom of movement in EU member states we should be celebrating the huge opportunities it provides for UK citizens to live, work, and travel abroad – opportunities that millions of UK citizens benefit from every year.

“The SNP takes a more sensible, measured and progressive position to the Tories, UKIP and Labour on these matters. We recognise the significant opportunities freedom of movement provides and the huge benefits that immigration brings. Where there are pressures on our services we realise the blame should be directed at the Tory government and its failed and deeply damaging austerity cuts.

"In the final week of the campaign the SNP’s focus will be to continue making the positive and progressive case for remaining in the EU, with the aim of encouraging voter turnout and winning this referendum."